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5 Gallon PC Bottle

Polycarbonate (PC) is an amorphous high molecular engineering plastic sourced only from the top two European suppliers. The first bottles were rolled out as early as in the year 1999 to be the first to introduce PC bottles in this region. With a capacity of over 1.5mil bottles/year, we are the largest 5 gal bottle manufacturer in the region. PC bottles are durable, can go through over 100 refilling cycles and are light weight. The material fulfills all requirements placed on Polycarbonate for food contact applications worldwide.

Key Characteristics

  • Specially designed crack resistant solid neck finish
  • Thermally stable from -100 °C to +135 °C, suitable for all type of cleaning methods
  • Material is neutral. Hence no taste is imparted to filled water
  • Outstanding impact strength
  • Great weather ability characteristics even in prolonged out-door exposure
  • Excellent optical property-High Transparency
  • Dimensional stability – Good heat resistance
  • Virtually stress free bottles for extended number of refills
  • UV stability & aesthetically pleasing
  • Food grade-Safe for drinking water application

Bottle Variants:

Our customers can have maximum flexibility in terms of neck finish and design:

  • Bottle with Handle – 2 designs
  • Bottle without handle – 2 designs

Neck Finish:

  • Long Neck
  • Short Neck
  • Solid Neck Rim
  • Standard

Bottle Decoration:

Customers can choose a combination of attractive multi-color print (up to 8 colours) by thermal transfer, Embossing & Screen print.

Knowing the importance of pure Drinking Water in our daily lives, these bottles are produced in a highly hygienic environment. Besides well-equipped in-house laboratory, we periodically send our bottles to European laboratories to ascertain low levels of BPA & absence of heavy metals. Well trained Shop Floor & QC team ensure that every bottle delivered meets the quality requirement of our customers.

5 Gallon PE Cap

Injection molded Non-Spill Polyethylene Snap-On Caps are produced on fully automatic machine and assembly lines untouched by hands. Caps are designed to fit almost all refillable 5 gallon PC and PET bottles of 55mm Neck

Caps are offered in different formats and custom made colors:

Types of Cap Unit

+ Tail)

2-Piece Cap + Inner Plug mm 57.59 38.12 58.34 56.94
Ring Mono Cap mm 57.60 38.02 57.20 54.20
Short Mono Cap mm 55.50 36.00 57.30 54.20
Flat Short Mono Cap mm 46.01 26.40 55.40 52.30

The injection molded parts like cap body and plug is made of 100% virgin food grade PE and the foam material is free of Azodicarbonamide and Semicarbazide as per EU Food and Safety Regulations.

Key functionalities of 5gal Cap:

  • Spill proof air tight seal between the cap and bottle seal area
  • Perfect tear propagation along the notch while breaking tamper evidence band
  • Easy pealability of top label
  • Cooler friendly center seal opening while loading on coolers

Easy-peel Labels can be ordered with a generic print or as multicolor rotogravure reverse print laminate to add brand value.
Our caps are also tested and certified by European laboratories periodically to meet high standards of safety and hygiene.